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Hair Rebonding Treatment could be a chemical straightening treatment that offers you smoother and straighter hair by altering the initial structure of your hair. It uses heat and chemicals to interrupt the bonds in your hair shaft and makes it straighter and sleeker, rebonding. in spite of however wavy or wavy hair, you’ve got, you’ll restructure your hair texture completely and flaunt poker-straight hair through this hair treatment. As critical smoothening or keratin treatments, this method uses hair relaxants to change the hair structure and build new bonds and lasts quite a bit longer. It’s good for ladies who wish to change their curls into straighter looks and build their unruly and curly hair smoother and silkier. Hair rebonding could be a semi-permanent treatment and may last up to 6-12 months looking at your hair texture and the way you are taking care of it.

However, as new hair with the initial texture grows out, you’ll want touch-ups to take care of the sleek texture and build the treatment last longer. you’ll get touch-ups each 3-4 months to look at your hair growth. It is a permanent and costly procedure, and costs for the treatment could vary across salons thanks to Delhi Hair Fixing for providing this service, your hair kind, and post-treatment care. Once your hair is straightened you’ve got to touch up the new growth every 3 months, six months, or a year, relying upon your growth. Taking care of rebonded hair is extremely necessary to take care of a healthy mane. solely a well-looked when the crown of hair will keep lovely, always. Here’s what you’ve got to try to do, treat your rebounded hair with care and prevent hair loss. Use a shampoo for straight hair like Use a conditioner each time, you wash your hair, apply a hair serum after towel drying hair, and Oil your hair often, that is suggested by our consultants (Abdul Rehman) Use natural hair masks once per week before washing your hair. you’ll use Aloe vera gel, curd, or oil with an associated egg.  

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